Papa’s Farm House

I’ve come back to Vancouver (reality) and I’ve realized we own alot of stuff! So my dad came to the rescue and packed it all up in his truck. It was more of a tetris game just getting it all to fit! It took almost all day as well, it would have taken me forever to do it my own yikes! We finally took our very large and high load onto the ferry to take to my dads farm. Thank goodness he has 10 acres of land to store all my stuff! Enjoyed a nice little visit with the family and my grandparents over some sangria and tacos! Heres some snap shots of the past couple days!



2 thoughts on “Papa’s Farm House

    • I know! My dad put me to work! haha Its definitely coming along though. Wish I was sticking around for the summer, wont get to enjoy all the yummy vegetables!

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