Summer Packing 101

Over the years you begin to realize that when your parents kept on reminding you to slab on that sunscreen its for a good reason. I use to head out to the beach with a towel and sun tan oil! Since I knew this summer I would be living in the sun (literally) I took some time to stock up on some of my favourite products including skin care and accessories. Heres my run down:

Bb|Color Minded : My favorite shampoo and conditioner, it’s sulphate free as well so it leaves your hair moisturized and light.

Bb|Textured : This product is amazing if you don’t want to do your hair, you put it in you hair when its wet and let it dry naturally. You end up with perfect beachy waves.

Philosophy|Face Products : This product line in amazing! At the moment they brought out this sample kit to celebrate their 16th Year. Which includes: Purity (Face Wash), Micro (Exfoliant), Hope (Face Moisturizer), and Hope in a Tube (Eye Cream). They also included Birthday Cake (Body Wash), as a bonus!

Sugar|Fresh : Lip Polish to get rid of all that dead skin, and Lip Treatment which has SPF as well, to protect and moisturize your lips long term.

MAC|Makeup : I’m obsessed with using good quality makeup, my favourite is MAC, mainly because their colour pallet works well with my skin tone. If your in the sun, you want to make sure you don’t clog your pores up with cheap makeup that are filled with chemicals. If your going to the beach theres really no reason to wear makeup, but if I’m running around, my go to is MAC|Moisturizing Tint which is amazing for the day, its really light and very natural looking. I always have my MAC|Moisturizing Lip Tint at hand as well. For the summer nights I pack up a variety of bright colourful blushes, a bronzer and a golden eye shadow just to get that summer glow.

Nivea|Suncreen : Suncreen is probably the most important product of them all!

Ombrelle|Face : I try not to use the sunscreen for my body on my face. This product isn’t as oily or thick but still protects.

Nivea|Creme : I use a thick cream to help keep my skin moisturized after all that sun.

Daisy|Perfume : My absolute favourite. Its really fresh with a light hint of floral, perfect for day and night.

Chloe|Perfume : My night time go to, very fresh as well but more of a rich floral and romantic feel

Accessories|Sun Protection : Sun hats are perfect to get that sun off your face and shoulders, and of course sunglasses to keep those squinting wrinkles away!

Accessories|Jewellery : Bring jewellery that is good for day and night.

Sandals|Footwear : I pack a couple colours depending on the dress your going to wear that day.

Nike|Runners : For when you go on adventures and need some proper footwear.

All you need is your bikini, some summer dresses and a sarong! Enjoy the sunshine!



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