Looking for Atlantis

We’ve been travelling around the island the past few days scoping out all the beautiful beaches. Only to find out that the most amazing beach of all is hidden away for no one to see. They say its actually illegal to go there. With rather curious and rebellious minds we headed our out looking for this “unknown” destination. Es Vedra is a famous landmark in Ibiza, its an island that is patrolled because no one is allowed on it. This limestone island is said to be an ancient and mystical place. Parts of the limestone from this island was taken to build the Egyptians pyramids. Some also say it was the holy island of Tanit, who came to Ibiza as Phoenician goddess of fertility and heavenly mother who became Ibiza’s patroness. There are others that say Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis. Es Vedra also has extremely high contents of metal and minerals, creating a magnetic field, and is the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world. It took almost all day to find this place, but when we did it was truly breath taking.

– Little snack before our adventure

– We found numerous beautiful beaches on the way

– Bunch of goofs

– The secret road to Atlantis

– Es Vedra

-Still on the lookout for Atlantis

– Atlantis, so picturesque!

– The boys jumping off the cliffs…eek!

– Our soaking wet map, puzzled back together

– A perfect ending to an amazing day



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