Ibiza Life

I’m starting to feel like a local on this little island. We literally have a daily routine, the ladies down stairs knows our coffee order by heart now! Were still wandering around the island and can list the towns off like we’ve lived here for years, but this island keeps on amazing us more and more each day. We rented a jeep today and drove all the way up to the northernness point of the island, stopping at all the beaches on the way. Each little secluded piece of paradise is so amazing it was jaw dropping.We even went into a limestone cave in Sant Miguel! As we winded down the coast heading home we stopped at the market to pick up groceries for dinner. I was more amazed about the prices of food! ITS SO CHEAP! We made homemade seafood paella, mussels in a white wine sauce, and bread with aioli. After eating our feast we were trying to calculate how much dinner actually costed us… we looked on the receipt and the seafood costed us a whole 4 euros! Our feast was about 10 euros! I don’t think you can buy 4 lbs of mussels and a bag full of prawns anywhere for that price! Anyways, today was pretty amazing so I thought I’d give you a little glimpse. I hope you enjoy your weekend!



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