Just a closer peek

Who knew you could catch the flu in paradise! So I’ve been bed bound for the past couple of days… and have been trying to get to my next post… which is obviously expired now… oopss… okay well! I know we said we found atlantis, but! we actually didn’t take the 2 hour hike down the hill to actually get down there. We admired from a very high birds eye view. Mainly we didn’t hike down because we knew the sun was going to set and truthfully I don’t really want to find my way back up in the dark! So instead Dylan came up with the brilliant idea that we would rent seadoos to get there. I am so happy we made the trip. To swim in crystal blue water with fishies (yes i said fishies) swimming around was worth it! We also made a trip all the way around Es Vedra… the photos definitely don’t prove how big this mystical island really is! It took about 30 minutes just to get around! Here is a couple photos of our seadoo adventure!



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