Well we made it to Barcelona! I truthfully didn’t know what to expect, but it was nothing less than amazing. The city is lively with so much to do. We only stayed for a couple days but I probably could have stayed for a month and not have seen everything! The best part about the trip was the reunion with a couple of friends from back home (Vancouver). Having the chance to meet up in a different country was rather surreal. With friends and family gathered together we galavanted around the city streets.Our hotel was right in the central area close to all the main attractions, such as La Ramblas. One of the main streets in barcelona filled with food vendors, clothing stores, and an amazing fresh meat and produce market. The city was vibing with museums, statues, and amazing art as well! I may have fallen in love with this city! The food is amazing, the fashion is so summery, and the people are so happy and cheerful, oh and of course all the live music scattered around the city.I counldn’t have asked for more! With further travel plans in hand we had to say our good byes, Did I mention Barcelona is amazing? We will be back!



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