East Coast Cruising

We’re on the road! We left the beautiful city of Barcelona, rented a car, and now heading up the coast. With no real idea as to what to expect we wandered off with our faith committed to our map reading skills… ha! what am i talking about obviously the GPS! If your someone who gets car sick… I recommend you fly. I have never been up such a winedy road. Is windy even a word?! Anyways you literally scale across the edges of the mountains. Your legs wobble when you look over the edge! The views are amazing, and theres a bunch of conveinent panoramic spots to really take in the scenery. We made our way up to a little town called Palafrugell in the Mediterranean Costa Brave, which located near Palamós. A cute little town filled with hotels and restaurants. Palafrugell is a holiday destination. People come during the summer season to live by the ocean, feast of fresh seafood, and drink wine throughout the night. Which was much needed in our agendas… of course! After a few days of relaxation we headed up to Cap de Creus located at the far NE of Catalonia, about 25 km south from the French border.  With a light house placed right on the tip you stand on top of the hill and look out as far as the eye can see, the beautiful green and blue Mediterranean sea. Heres a little paradise I’d like to share!



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