Eh! Toro Eh!

Every year in Pamplona,  the city hosts a 7 day celebration where people come from all around the world to run with the bulls. The cites streets are filled with people dressed up in their reds and whites. I almost felt like I was back in Canada for Canada Day! The atmosphere was insane, if your the party type you would have fit in perfectly. People party all night until the morning till the running with the bulls begins at 8 am! All the locals and non runners (a.k.a. ME) fill up at the colosseum where all the runners and bulls run into at the end. At 8 am three crackers are lit, the first to scare the heck out of you, second to tell the runners to start running, and the third to tell you the bulls are going to be right behind you in 2 seconds! To sit in the crowds watching it on the tv was exciting enough for me. Don’t know if I’d ever attempt to go against a bull…. but Dylan did! And thankfully he’s alive and still in one piece! After the run the city has numerous stages set up throughout the city for different performances. They also have a bull fight in the evening which is then followed by fireworks to end the night. This happens for 7 days in a row, so I’m sure you could imagine the state of this city. The streets are filled with empty cans… and lets just say it didn’t smell like roses…. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience though. Had an amazing time, so happy Dyl ran for his dear life, i mean… ran with the bulls. Heres a couple snap shots.

– The city streets filled with people

– Statues representing the event

– Waiting for the 8 am

– Dylan and the boys arriving in the colosseum alive! Phew!

– Once everyone arrives in the colosseum they close the gates so they can’t get out

– They release younger bulls out in the rink which are even more aggressive then the bigger ones!

–  Showing off our reds and whites



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