The World is Our Playground

Our adventure is coming to a near end, and truthfully I’m kinda excited! I’m really happy our plans are coming together. Not that I actually know where I will be in a week… but I have some sort of idea (I think). After a couple days in Madrid, checking out the flamenco dancing, and the local restaurants, we made our way back down the coast to Valencia. Spent a couple days there to check out the beaches, and the science centres. I didn’t realize how crazy these building actually are! Photos to follow. We also made our way to Gulliver. A playground for kids/adults. From birds eye view he looks like a man that has been tied down. In reality he is a human playground! With all features from his clothing becoming slides, ripples in his shirt are stairs. You really have to see it to understand. I have a couple photos to show! After all that, we made our way back up to Barcelona. It was so amazing we just had to go back! While on our drive up… I was jaw dropped by the biggest roller coaster I had ever seen, and being a roller coaster fanatic I would not take no as an answer. So we made our way to Port Aventura, Tarragona. This roller coaster is the highest one in Europe, along with the fastest. Dylan and I literally spent the entire day hopping on and off the numerous rides they had to offer. The park was designed so well, you really didn’t think you were in a theme park at times. They had different Countries for certain rides. China, where all the crazy roller coasters were, Polynesia where it was like a little bali paradise, Mexico for all the authentic streets, and Spain the romantic boat restaurant right on the water. With in each area the atmosphere was a full package. From food, performances, decor, and the music! I felt like I literally galavanted across the world! Heres a few snap shots of our past playground adventures.

– Flamenco dancing in Madrid, Spain

– Date Night Xx

– Sand Castle in Valencia, Spain

– Valencia Beach

– Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias | Science Center of  Valencia

– Gulliver, the human playground. Valencia, Spain

-Birds eye view (Google)

– Port Aventure, Tarragona, Spain

– The fastest and highest, did I mention we went right to the front?



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