Woops! Sorry havent been on top of my blog lately. I have had some HUGE changes in my life lately. Our travels in Spain have come to an end but I am now sitting in beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia! And what an amazing place! It isn’t my first time to Aus which is probably good since my body needs a rest. I would be going crazy not knowing what was out there! I’m so happy to be settled down sleeping in a bed with no springs sticking into my back, having a kitchen to cook in, and actually not having to live out of a SUITCASE !!! I am sad to say that I don’t have many photos of these past few weeks but I’ve got some shots of how I feel now, what I’m up to, and what is keeping me going. Hope you all had an amazing weekend, and I promise to stay up to date from now on!

Surfing : On my “to do” list

Yoga : Clear my mind and get healthy

Good Food : A chance to try some new healthy recipes

Beach : Where I plan on getting some work done

Moto : What Im trying to follow



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