It’s not too often I post about my personal situations but today has been a day of reflection, and looking back on the past few months of my life. There have been some huge changes in my life, from moving away from Canada to Australia, packing all our furniture and getting it to my dads on Vancouver Island, dealing with all the odds and ends like  cars and businesses… did I mention I had to do this all on my own? Well it had come across to me that yes these are huge changes for me, but I wasn’t paying attention to the bigger picture. Today I realized that not only did this affect me, but my partner, my family, and my friends. The people who mean the most to me I wasn’t even paying attention to. It was today when I committed the day to connect with family and friends and realized how much change is going on in all our lives; good and bad.

To those who are  in my life and those who have come and gone, I want to say thank you for being that little glimpse of change in which ever way that may be. A lot of things happen for a reason, either to test you, to make you stronger, or just to bring you back to reality. But the most important thing about change is the people around you who are in your life to help and support you. Sometimes change isn’t easy, but no one said you had to face it on your own.



One thought on “Change

  1. Hello,
    Nice to find this blog, and you on it!
    Of course we will be expecting to see you at some stage.
    You have arrived in Gold Coast just after my daughter Wendy had decided that her and partner would return to Melbourne!
    Keith and Diana

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