My Week With The “Van Fam”

When I made my way down the coast to Canberra, I truly had idea what to expect. I never went to Canberra the first time I was in Aus,  I pretty much spent my entire time with 3 little kids! Sitting in their backyard soaking in the sunshine, watching the birds fly by. Watching them with their creative imaginations was really nice to see. Its fun to literally sit in the back yard and they ramble on about some crazy idea. If only we all could create like that…! With games, gadgets and books all over they were never short on ideas and energy for that matter.I definitely got my fair share of cartoons as well, did you know there almost 3D like now a days?! Having 3 kids would be a huge task, but Rowena, their amazing mum, has always got ideas to keep them busy; from making dinner together; to paper mache art days. We wanted to go to the snow but never made it, ironic they would take a Canadian to the snow! To my surprise the evenings were really cold! There were a couple -5 nights; definitely didn’t know Australia could get that cold! While I didn’t explore Canberra as much as I probably could I still enjoyed my time catching up with the family. Take a peek!

– Rowena and Abby making arts and crafts

– Matisse being cute as always

– Eli, Abby, & Mattise

– Probably the best drivers around

– Homemade pizza

– Lots of cuddles

– Off to the Park

– The Van Fam : )

– Canberra



One thought on “My Week With The “Van Fam”

  1. Natasha, Canberra is a lovely spot, cold in winter, and lovely in summer. Not far from Melbourne. Snow, yeeks, it’s better left in “them thar hills!”.

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