Hello Internet!

Hellooooo internet! If you dont realize how amazing the internet is…. well your not appreciating the full meaning and usefulness of this wonderful wifi interconnecting thing? Okay so Im a little excited to have internet in my own home…. Its been awhile! So we have recently moved into our new loft apartment in the heart of St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia! Yep Im pretty much a professional globe trotter… ha I wish! Actually maybe not since I AM SO OVER LIVING OUT OF A SUITCASE!

Okay, so back to reality where things are somewhat normal and somewhat routine. We have a home… which is pretty exciting since we have lived in hostels, hotels, friends couches, friends floors, random beaches and who knows where! So to finally have a place to call home is kind of a big deal. Also having a bed…. I don’t know about you… but how would you feel if I told you… ” You wont be sleeping on a bed for the next 4 months.”  Now you feel my pain don’t you?!

Well I haven’t really been taking as many snap shots as I probably could have, but I have a couple from my mini adventures. Especially Ikea that is like an adventure all on its own. I think I made 4 trips to this land of awe. Seriously they need to start counting how many screws or bolts go in each package, or tell us that theres a whole other section to this chair you have to pick up on the opposite side of the store!

OK, I’m done rambling. I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves, the pumpkin lattes, and the cozy scarves. I am in a bit if denial about where I am. Mainly because I left summer to go to summer, and now its summer all over again. Your probably reading this thinking “is this girl crazy?!” Well maybe I am but! I love boots and fall fashion and well mainly the yummy lattes from starbs. Oh Canada…. I’ll probably be relieved once its down pouring and freezing!

Okay seriously done rambling, will write more about home decor and lifestyle changes another time! – MCG | Went to see the AFL semi-finals!

– Dylan, Matty & I  🙂

– Of course Dylan’s first item into the new apartment would be a lava lamp…!

– Our new kitchen with all the cooking supplies, which is most important… we didn’t even have a bed yet!

– Scoping out the new junk food joints | Frozen yoghurt  🙂

– A night out with a couple of fellow Canadians at the Melbourne Casino

– My funky inspiration for our new apartment… more to come soon!



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