Something Fishy

I wouldn’t call myself the best chef around, especially when my dad and my bf are pretty darn good cooks! Which leaves me in the position to shy away from cooking, but once and awhile I like to get adventurous and make something up… I’m sure theres a recipe or something but I kinda just use whats in my fridge. Dylan has gone home for a couple days, but we didn’t take that into consideration when we were at the market on Sunday! So my fridge is … PACKED! I can cook, and its edible… but there are some things I stay away from… like fish… and steak… I tend to overcook them! Oops! I attempted to cook some fish today… not that I knew what kind of fish it was or what I was doing… but it actually turned out really well! Thought I’d share my first successful fish dish!  🙂

–  Fish(unknown) , fresh parsley from my mini herb garden : ) , and minced garlic

–  Lemon & Garlic | A must with any kind of seafood!

–  Egg, milk, salt, pepper, parsley, and chilli flakes | Dipped the fish in this mixture before breading

– Panko | The best bread crumbs ever!

–  Bake until nice and crispy

– Voila! Le poisson!

– It tastes just as good as it looks!



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