Catching Up

So… I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time now, I haven’t posted anything since January! Eeek! Okay, so in these past few months I’ve been rather busy. Ive moved across the world been to about 4 different countries and now happily settled back into Vancouver with a job and school. Shortly after my birthday  which was in January I wandered off to New Zealand to explore the North and South island… my trip was filled with hiking,kayaking, and of course sitting by the beautiful beaches. Wasn’t too impressed with the weather since I’d left Australia summer and froze my butt off in NZ! After all that I flew back to Australia to “quickly” pack my bags and off to Hong Kong I went to celebrate  Chinese New years. Met up with my mom and the rest of the family who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. While wandering the busy streets of Hong Kong I enjoyed my fair share of shopping, eating and well practicing my chinese! I pretend I’m fluent…. but in all fairness my family still laughs at my silly  mistakes. Okay! Then I was heading back to Australia (I don’t think you realize how many AUSTRALIA stamps I actually have in my passport!). I packed up my life in Australia into all of 2 boxes and 2 suitcases and sent it to Canada. Finally being back in Canada for a week I was informed that I had some Expedia credit which was about to expire in all of 3 days(from a flight that I had to cancel last year)  I called them up and actually asked them where I should go… and pleasantly enough i ended up in Maui, Hawaii. Enjoyed a little surf, the beautiful scenery, and the delicious food. Which leaves me here… writing my past four months in a paragraph. Have a peek at the beginning of my 2013 adventure.


Maori Tribe | Performing the Haka | NZ


Hobbiton | Hobbit Hole | NZ


Where they previewed The Hobbit for the first time | NZ


Which direction? | NZ


Nevis Bungy Jump | 134 M | NZ


Milford Sound | NZ


My family and I | Hong Kong


Sushi Feast with the family | Hong Kong


Mong Kok | Hong Kong


i’ao Needle | Maui, HawaiiIMG_5235

The best Margaritas at  Polli’s | Maui, Hawaii


P’ia Beach | Maui, Hawaii



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